Join us on Saturday nights for Improver & Intermediate Level line dancing from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Join Betsy as we take line dancing up a notch on Saturday nights! We've got something for everyone too, so beginners come and join us also.

Hurricane Creek Saloon (click to go to their website)

829 E. New Haven Avenue; Melbourne, FL  32901


Lessons 7:00 - 9:00 pm

We have 3 lessons throughout the  night - a mix of new and club favorites!

During the night we begin with an intermediate dance and then the next teaches range in level from beginner to improver.


Cost - FREE!

Be sure to stop by the bar or come early and order a wonderful dinner.

Dances taught during Lessons 

1/22/2022: Challenge Dances: Down Right DangerousStomp Your BootsTake Your Time and Beginner: Amy's NC2

1/15/2022: Challenge Dances: Down Right DangerousStomp Your Boots; Take Your Time and Beginner: Bullfrog on a Log and Fun For All

1/8/2022: Challenge Dances: Down Right DangerousStomp Your BootsAdulting Blows and Beginner: Leave the Night On; Gives Me Shivers

1/1/2022: Down Right Dangerous; Stomp Your BootsAdulting Blows

Thursday 12/23: Challenge Dances Trans Am & Honkytonk Way; Beginner Dances: reviews of favorites to Christmas music 

12/18: Challenge Dances: Trans Am; Adulting Blows with Beginners: Drunk on a Boat; Bullfrog on a Log; Next Girl; It's Easy

12/11 (Thanks Lisanne!): Drunk on a Boat; All Hearts (Mini Version); My Lips Are Sealed; Adulting Blows

12/4: 11/27: Challenge Dances: Honkytonk Way, Famous Friends & I'm Speechless; Beginners: Drunk on a Boat; Bullfrog on a Log

11/27: Challenge Dances: Honkytonk Way & Settlin'; Beginners: Cadillacs and Caviar, The Red; Fun For All

11/20: No Lessons but a great concert

11/13: Challenge Dance: Dierkside; Beginners:  Cadillacs and Caviar; Happy Does; Mamma Maria; Fun for All; Bullfrog on a Log

11/6: Challenge Dances: Dierkside; I'm No Good (review); I Don't Want This Night to End; Beginners:  Cadillacs and Caviar; Fun for All

10/30: Challenge Dances: I'm No Good; I Don't Want This Night to End; Beginners:  Cadillacs and Caviar; Hands Up and Party; Addams Family

10/23: Challenge Dances: I'm No Good; Beginners:  Cadillacs and Caviar; Hands Up and Party; Shaw Shuffle; Cowboy Charleston

10/16: Challenge Dances: Raised Like That, I'm No Good; Gives Me Shivers; Beginners:  Cowboy Charleston; Fun for All

10/9: Challenge Dances: Raised Like That, Fast Women; I'm Speechless; Beginners:  Oreo Shake; Knockin' Boots; Fun for All

10/2: Challenge Dances: Raised Like That, Corn; Beginners:  ABieber; Oh My My; Fun for All

9/25: Challenge Dances: Raised Like That, Corn & River Bank; Beginners: ABieber and Fun For All

9/18 (Thanks Lisanne!): River Bank and Drink In My Hand; Beginners: Half a Chance Romance; Sexy Eyes


Click on the name of a dance and you will find a step sheet page and (hopefully) a demo or tutorial video. 

Intermediate/Improver Dances A-L


3 Rounds (2/8/2020)

5-1-5-0 (8/2019)

A Double Whiskey (8/2019)

Aces and Eights (1/2021)

American Kids (11/2019)

B Like That (8/2020)

Bad About to Happen (10/2020)

Blood, Sweat & Beer (6/2020)

Boots on Stomp (3/2021)

Bump (12/2019)

Caliente (danced to God Love Her) (3/2021)

California (8/2019)

Cherry Bomb (8/2019)

Coconut Water (8/2021)

Cold Beer Calling My Name (8/2021)

Corn (9/2021)

Crazy Foot Mambo (2/2020)

Cripple Creek (2/2021)

Delorean (1/2021)

Dierkside (11/7/2021)

Dizzy (6/2020)

Down Right Dangerous (1/2022)

Fake ID (4/2021) - one transcription of the line dance

Fake ID - Official line dance teach by choreographers

Fake ID Line Dance Tutorial Slowed Down Part 1

Fake ID Line Dance Tutorial Slowed Down Part 2

Famous Friends (2/2021)

Fancy (9/2020) 

Fast Women (8/2020) (also danced to Turn On The Radio)

First Kiss (12/2019)

Floor It (3/2020)

Friday Me (4/2021) - Unofficial teach video

Get Drunk Get Loud (1/2020)

Get It Rockin' (7/2021)

Gin & Tonic Kisses (3/2021)

Gives Me Shivers (also danced to Little Miss Honky Tonk) (10/2021)

Got What I Got (11/2020)

Head Over Boots (4/2021)

Hey, By The Way (12/2019)

High Class (1/2020)

High On Loving You (6/2021)

Honkytonk Way (11/2021)

Hootenanny (10/2019)

Hurricane Outlaw (2/22/2020)

I Don't Want This Night to End (10/2021)

I Got Bar Friends

I Hate Beer (7/2021)

I Love This Life (aka Stagecoach Shuffle) (7/2021)

I'm No Good (10/2021)

I'm Speechless (12/2020) also danced to If I Didn't Have You

Jose' Cuervo 97 (5/2021)

Last Night in Texas (8/2019)

Late Night Monarchy (2/2021)

Lean On In (12/2020)

Lightning Polka (1/2021) (danced to Sin Wagon and Freight Train)

Lil Bit (11/2020)

Lit (1/2020)

Little Honky Tonk Bar (8/2019)

Lonely Cha (10/2019) 

Long Road to Richmond (2/2021)


Intermediate/Improver Dances M-Z

Make the Rooster Crow (12/2019)

Make Way For Me (12/2019)

Midnight Mess Around (12/2020)

Minimum Wage $ (2/2021)

Moses Roses Toeses (12/2020)

Muddy Water Healing (5/2021)

My Money (2/2020)

Neon Eyes (3/2021)

No "I" In Beer (8/15/2020)

No Vacancy (3/2020)

Nothing But You (8/2019)

Old Number Seven (10/2020) stepsheet coming soon

One of Them Girls (10/2020)

Out Like That (10/2019)

Raised Like That (9/2021)

Redneck Angel (3/28/2021)

River Bank (9/2021)

Save the Horse (12/2019)

Scrap It! (8/2020)

Settlin' (11/2021)

Shelby Juice (10/2019)

Stomp Down (2/8/2020)

Stomp Your Boots (1/2022)

Soul Shake (11/2019)

Suicide Mission (8/2021)

Sunshine 365 (8/2019)

Sunshine Girl (2/2021)

Swangin' (11/2020)

Take Your Time (1/2022)

The Cadillac Slide (7/2021)

The Fighter (8/15/2020)

Thirsty (2/2020)

Trans Am (12/2021)

Turbo Twang (10/2019)

Walk the Line (11/2019)

Wave on Wave (1/2021)

We Are Tonight (10/2020)

West Coast Shuffle (1/2020)

White Trash Roses (9/2019)

Wild Wild West (9/2019) (also danced to Nothin' To Lose)

You Broke Up With Me (9/2020)


You Win My Love (video teach only)

Beginner Dances 

1159 (11/2019)

3 Rounds (2/8/2020)

A Little Confident (danced to Mud Slingers)

A Little Sweet (danced to I Feel Good Today)

AB - You and Me (12/2019)

ABieber (11/2020) (danced to There Was This Girl;  Bud Light Blue)

All Hearts (Mini Version) (danced to Mr. Lonely)

Addams Family

Amy's NC2 (1/2022)

Adulting Blows (12/2021)

Beers and Sunshine (3/2021)

Black Betty's Worldwide (9/2019)

Bullfrog On a Log (8/2020)

Cadillacs and Caviar (10/2021)

Chicken Truck (1/2020)

Christmas is Knocking (danced to Me, A Girl and the Radio) (12/2020)

Country As Can Be (6/2021)

Country Bump (11/2019)

Cowboy Boogie (11/2020)

Cowboy Charleston (danced to Four on the Floor) (4/2021)

Damn (contra) (10/2019)

Desperate (2/2020)

Do It Like This - Liberman (11/2019)

Drunk on A Boat (12/2021)

Easy Love (danced to "There's Your Trouble") (2/2021)

Fresh (6/2020) (danced to Caught Up In the Country)

Fun for All (11/2020)

Gin & Tonic (8/2021) (also danced to You're Easy On the Eyes)

Go Country (6/2021)

Half a Chance Romance (danced to Dance Her Home) stepsheet coming soon (9/2021)

Hands Up And Party (1/2021) - Instructional Video

Happy Does (11/2021)

Healing Hands AB (3/2021) (danced to Never Coming Down) 

Hot Country Girl (8/2020)

I Love A Rainy Night (9/12/2020)

I Was On A Boat (6/2021)

Into the Woods (11/2019)

Intoxicating (8/15/2020)

It's Easy (9/2020)

Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance (8/2020)

Jiggle It (8/2021)

Leave the Night On (3/2021) - also danced to Good Ole Bad Days;  Stepsheet yet to be published

Little Bit Salty (7/2021)

Like It Rough (12/2020)

Love Ain't - Bailey (2/2020)

Mamma Maria (2/2020)

Monster Mash (danced to What We Gonna Do About It) (9/2020)

Mud Stompin' (6/2020)

My Lips are Sealed (12/2021) (stepsheet coming soon)

NaNaNa Cha EZ (11/2019)

No "I" In Beer (8/15/2020)

Oh My My (10/2021)

One (6/2021)

One Margarita Two (6/2020) - with restarts allowed by choreographer

Oreo Shake (7/2021)

Safe and Sound (10/31/2020)

Salt, Lime & Tequila (4/2021)

Sexy Eyes (danced to My Finger) (9/2021)

Shaw Shuffle stepsheet coming soon

Shotgun Jenny (12/5/2020)

Small Town Diggin' (5/2021)

Southside Stomp (danced to Martha Divine) (5/2021)

The Next Girl (3/2021)

The Red (11/2021) stepsheet coming soon

Two Step (8/2020)

Walk It Down to the Honkytonk (9/2020)

Women Only Want One Thing (8/2021) - stepsheet coming soon

You Just Can't Go Wrong (6/2021)

You Wear That Whiskey Well (11/2020)

Below are two searchable PDFs listing songs and dances taught around Melbourne for the last 8 years. We are always adding to it, so check for updates. A huge "THANK YOU!" goes to Sonia Ouellet for checking and updating all of the links.

08 2021 BY SONG Melbourne Line Dance Dat
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08 2021 BY DANCE NAME Melbourne Line Dan
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