Join us on Saturday nights for Intermediate Level line dancing from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Join Betsy and a team of line dance instructors as we take line dancing up a notch on Saturday nights!

Hurricane Creek Saloon (click to go to their website)

829 E. New Haven Avenue; Melbourne, FL  32901


Lessons 7:00 - 9:00 pm

We have 3 lessons throughout the  night - a mix of new and club favorites!

Dance level will be intermediate with an improver thrown in if we have time at the end of lessons.


Cost - FREE!

Be sure to stop by the bar or come early and order a wonderful dinner.

Dances taught during Lessons 

2/22/2020: My Money; Thirsty; Crazy Foot Mambo; Hurricane Outlaw

2/15/2020: My Money; Thirsty; Crazy Foot Mambo

2/8/2020 (Thanks Karen!): Get Drunk Get Loud; Stomp Down; 3 Rounds

2/1/2020: Get Drunk Get Loud; High Class; other reivews

1/25/2020 (Thanks Wild Roses!): Get Drunk Get Loud; Chicken Truck

1/18/2020: Lit; High Class; West Coast Shuffle

1/11/2020: Lit; Save the Horse; West Coast Shuffle

1/5/2020: Lit; Bump; Make the Rooster Crow

12/28: Save the Horse; Bump; Make the Rooster Crow; AB - You and Me

12/21: First Kiss; Bump; Make the Rooster Crow

Click on the name of a dance and you will find a step sheet page and (hopefully) a demo or tutorial video. 

Intermediate Dances

5-1-5-0 (8/2019)

A Double Whiskey (8/2019)

American Kids (11/2019)

Bump (12/2019)

California (8/2019)

Cherry Bomb (8/2019)

Hootenanny (10/2019)

Last Night in Texas (8/2019)

Lit (1/2020)

Little Honky Tonk Bar (8/2019)

Lonely Cha (10/2019) 

Make Way For Me (12/2019)

Nothing But You (8/2019)

Out Like That (10/2019)

Save the Horse (12/2019)

Shelby Juice (10/2019)

Stomp Down (2/8/2020)

Soul Shake (11/2019)

Sunshine 365 (8/2019)

Thirsty (2/2020) - Stepsheet Coming Soon!

Turbo Twang (10/2019)

Walk the Line (11/2019)

White Trash Roses (9/2019)

Wild Wild West (9/2019)

Improver/Beginner Dances We've Thrown in For Fun

1159 (11/2019)

3 Rounds (2/8/2020)

AB - You and Me (12/2019)

Black Betty's Worldwide (9/2019)

Chicken Truck (1/2020)

Country Bump (11/2019)

Crazy Foot Mambo (2/2020)

Damn (contra) (10/2019)

Do It Like This - Liberman (11/2019)

First Kiss (12/2019)

Get Drunk Get Loud (1/2020)

Hey, By The Way (12/2019)

High Class (1/2020)

Hurricane Outlaw (Stepsheet coming)

Into the Woods (11/2019)

Make the Rooster Crow (12/2019)

My Money (2/2020)

NaNaNa Cha EZ (11/2019)

Stray Cat Strut (9/2019)

The Countdown (11/2019)

West Coast Shuffle (1/2020)


Below are two searchable PDFs listing songs and dances taught around Melbourne for the last 8 years. We are always adding to it, so check for updates. A huge "THANK YOU!" goes to Sonia Ouellet for checking and updating all of the links.

Line Dance Database sorted by SONG TITLE.
2020 Line Dance Database BY SONG_1 25 20
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.1 MB
Line Dance Database sorted by DANCE NAME.
2020 Line Dance Database by DANCE_1 25 2
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.1 MB