Join us for our Monthly Line Dance Night at Melbourne Ballroom.

2020 Spring Socials Schedule

  • January 25th
  • February 29th
  • *no Social in March
  • April 18th
  • May 16th

Event information

7:00 pm Doors Open

Lessons begin at 7:30 pm with a mix of beginner and intermediate dances taught.


Cost: only $10 per person at the door

 Bring your own drinks and we'll dance until our feet tire out!


 **Fill out the e-mail form below with your top 3 requests!

If you e-mail your requests in advance (ie by Friday night before the Social), you will get at least one dance played in the first half hour!** 

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


Melbourne Ballroom

6300 N. Wickham Road

Melbourne, FL 32940

Telephone: (321) 255-1537

Teaches during our Socials

April 2018 - Trevor Thornton Guest Instructor

She's a Thrilla (Intermediate)

Tip Toe (Advanced)


June 2018 - Lisanne Winters Guest Instructor

Icing on the Cake (danced to Free and Easy by Dierks Bentley) - Beginner)

Must've Been (Beginner)

Hot Country Girl (Beginner)

Nice to Meet Ya (Intermediate)


July 2018 

Icing on the Cake (danced to Free and Easy by Dierks Bentley) - Beginner)

Moonwalkin EZ (Beginner)

New Tattoo (Improver/Intermediate)


 August 2018 

Shut Up & Dance EZ (Beginner)

Pure Movies (also danced to  Return to Sender) (Beginner)

A-B Chilli Cha (also danced to Last Night) (Beginner)

Get Ya Some (Improver)

 A Double Whiskey (Improver)


 September 2018

Damn! contra (Beginner)

Make Some Noise (Improver)

Cowboy Rhythm (Classic Beginner)

 The Wolf (Beginner - 2 wall teach)


October 2018

Wrong Night (Beginner)

Relentless (Beginner)

A Double Whiskey - Review


 November 2018

Hands Up & Party (Beginner)

Amy's NC2 (Beginner)

24 Reasons (Improver)


December 2018

Lean on In (Improver)

Walk the Line (Beginner/Intermediate)


Weekend (Intermediate) **Special guest teach by Candee Seger


January 2019

Many beginner reviews with teaches of...

A Shot of that Patron (Beginner)

Off  the Beaten Track (Beginner)


February 2019

Nothing But You (Yeah You) (Improver)


March 2019

NaNaNa Cha EZ (Beginner)

Little Honky Tonk Bar (Improver)

Swangin' (Beginner/Improver)


April 2019

Gin & Tonic (Beginner)

Love Ain't (Improver)


June 2019

Waitin' on 5 (Beginner)

Farm Yard Dance (Beginner)

Booty Shakin' (Intermediate)  -- Thanks Patrick!! 


July 2019

Mess Me Up (Beginner)

Cruisin' (Beginner/Intermediate)

Roy & Fiona's dance to Party Rock Anthem!


September 2019 - Originals night!! Dancing our favorites to their original songs.


October 2019

Come Dance with Me (Beginner)

Into the Woods (Beginner)

I Can Sleep When I'm Dead (Beginner)

Gravedigger (Improver)

Islands in the Stream (Intermediate)


November 2019

By the Numbers (Beginner)

October 2018 - What creative costumes and dancing!

April 2018 - What a great first event!