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Click the Name of the Dance to Go to Copperknob with stepsheets and videos of demos and teaches. The dances taught in lessons are also at the top of the YouTube playlists (if available).


Lessons for 8/24 - Cancelled


Lessons for August 17, 2020

Beginner:  Full teaches of Castaway With Me and Chicks Rock (danced to Big Tires by Lenny Cooper); Damn Hole In My Bottle! (review); No "I" In Beer (review)

Improver: B Like That (full teach); Buy My Own Drinks (review); Gravedigger (review)

Intermediate: 10 Minute Walk (full teach); California (review)


Lessons for August 10, 2020

Beginner:  Pitbull (review); Damn Hole In My Bottle! (review); No "I" In Beer (full teach)

Improver: Buy My Own Drinks (full teach); I'm Speechless (review)Gravedigger (review)

Intermediate: California (full teach); Sweet Attraction (review); So Just Dance Dance Dance! (review); 


Lessons for August 3, 2020

Beginner:  AB Can't Break It To My Heart (review) - also danced to Trigger; Pitbull (review); Damn Hole In My Bottle! (full teach)

Improver: I Got a Love (review); I'm Speechless (review)Gravedigger (full teach)

Intermediate: Sweet Attraction (full teach); So Just Dance Dance Dance! (review); First Shot's On Me (review)


Lessons for July 27, 2020

Beginner:  AB Can't Break It To My Heart (review) - also danced to Trigger; Pitbull (full teach); Love You Cha (review)

Improver: I Got a Love (full teach); I'm Speechless (full teach); Back on Texas Time (review); Weekend Ruined (review); Gravedigger (at end of evening)

Intermediate: So Just Dance Dance Dance!First Shot's On Me (review)


Lessons for July 20, 2020

Beginner:  AB Can't Break It To My Heart (full teach) - also danced to Trigger; Love You Cha (review)

Improver: I Got a Love (full teach); Heart Vs Head (Lisanne's new dance); Weekend Ruined (full teach)

Intermediate: First Shot's On Me (full teach);  Tik Tok Love (review); The Wine, The Beer, The Whiskey (quick review)



Lessons for July 13, 2020

Beginner:  Love You Cha (full teach); Born to Be Great (reivew); Easy Love (review) 

Improver: Weekend Ruined (full teach); Heart Vs Head (Lisanne's new dance) (full teach); Head Over Boots (review)

Intermediate:  Tik Tok Love (full teach); The Fighter (teach)



Lessons for July 6, 2020

Beginner: Two Step (review); Easy Love (review); Born to Be Great (full teach)

Improver: One Margarita Two (review); Head Over Boots (full teach); Be A Light (review at end of the night)

Intermediate:  Scrap It! (full teach); Booze Cruise (review); No Vacancy (review); 

Confident (beginner dance) to end the night! :-) Also danced it to Mud Slingers by Colt Ford (Mud Digger Vol 2)


Lessons for June 29, 2020 

Beginner: Two Step (full teach); Easy Love (full teach); Fresh (review); 'Cause That's Why (review)

Improver: One Margarita Two (full teach); Here's a Drink (review); Be A Light (review)

Intermediate:  Booze Cruise (full teach); Fast Women (review); No Vacancy (full teach)


Lessons for June 22, 2020 

Beginner: Fresh (full teach); 'Cause That's Why (full teach); K is for Kicks (review)

Improver: Here's a Drink (full teach); Get it Right (review); Be A Light (full teach)

Intermediate:  Way Down We Go (review); Fast Women (full teach); Dare to Love (2 minute drill)


Lessons for June 15, 2020 

Beginner: K is for Kicks (full teach); A Little Confident (full teach); Intoxicating (review)

Improver: Get it Right (full teach): Dizzy (review)

Intermediate:  Dare to Love (full teach); Way Down We Go (full teach)


Lessons for June 8, 2020 with Lisanne Winters Ledlow

Beginner: A Little Confident (full teach); Intoxicating (review); Mud Stompin' (reivew) 

Improver: Dizzy (full teach); Hey, By The Way (review)

Intermediate:  Dare to Love (full teach); The Wine, The Beer, The Whiskey (review)


Lessons for June 1, 2020 with Lisanne Winters Ledlow

Beginner: I'm Free (full teach); Mud Stompin' (full teach) with quick review of Mamma Maria

Improver: Hey, By The Way (full teach); Love Ain't (review); Drinking Problem (review)

Intermediate:  The Wine, The Beer, The Whiskey (full teach); My Money (review); Slingin' Mud (review)


Lessons for May 25, 2020 with Patti Leathers

Beginner: I'm Free (full teach); Oops (full teach)

Improver: Love Ain't (full teach); Drinking Problem (full teach); GasLiar (quick review)

Intermediate: My Money (full teach); Slingin' Mud (full teach); You Broke Up With Me (quick review) 


Lessons for May 18, 2020 with Lisanne Winters Ledlow

Beginner: Oops (full teach); Kissed a Cowboy (review) and bonus Born to be Great (full teach at end of night)

Improver: GasLiar (full teach); Honky Tonk Highway (teach)

Intermediate: You Broke Up With Me (full teach); Sunshine 365 (teach)


Lessons for May 11, 2020 with Patti Leathers

Beginner: Kissed a Cowboy (full teach); Turn the Beat Up (review)

Improver: GasLiar (full teach); Honky Tonk Highway (teach)

Intermediate: You Broke Up With Me (full teach); We Are Tonight (review)


Lessons for May 4, 2020 

Beginner: Turn the Beat Up (full teach), Mamma Maria (review)

Improver: GasLiar (full teach); Champagne Promise (review) 

Intermediate: Sunshine 365 (full teach); We Are Tonight (full teach)

Here are the playlists to keep us dancing!

Beginner Teaches
Beginner Dancealong
Improver Teaches (updated 5/7 with Patti's teach video of GasLiar)
Improver Dancealong
- Here's a Drink dancealong (for some reason I can't link it) to the playlist)
Country Club Mix (not all country and not in any specific order. If you don't know the dance - check the database for a link or forward to the next song!)