Monday Improver Class is from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Veterans Memorial Complex (2285 Minton Road, West Melbourne, FL 32904) - $5 per night

AUGUST 18, 2021 UPDATE: Our Veteran's Memorial Center is cancelling indoor group gatherings due to public health reasons (especially our increased COVID cases) until further notice. Stay safe and well all! We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor sooner rather than later hopefully.

8/9 & 16/2021: Hangover Tonight; Midnight Mess Around

8/2/2021: Lie To Me (Just a Little); Hangover Tonight; Most People Are Good

7/26/2021: Lie To Me (Just a Little); Most People Are Good; I Got You

7/19/2021: Most People Are Good; I Got You; Lie To Me (Just a Little)

7/12/2021: I Got You & Back on Texas Time

Click on the name of a dance and you will find a step sheet page and (hopefully) a demo or tutorial video.

Adalaida (1/27/2020)

Back on Texas Time (2/10/2020)

Bra Off (2/10/2020)

Champagne Promise (12/30/2019)

Codigo (2/3/2020)

Hangover Tonight (8/2021)

I Got You (7/2021)

Lie To Me (Just a Little) (7/19/2021)

Like We Were (12/30/2019)

Long Cool Woman (1/13/2020)

Midnight Mess Around (8/9/2021)

Most People are Good (See Link below)

My Money (2/24/2020)

Time to Go Go! ( 12/30/2019)

Most People Are Good Improver Dance
Most People Are Good.pdf
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Below are two searchable PDFs listing songs and dances taught around Melbourne for the last 8 years. We are always adding to it, so check for updates. A huge "THANK YOU!" goes to Sonia Ouellet for checking and updating all of the links.

08 2021 BY SONG Melbourne Line Dance Dat
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08 2021 BY DANCE NAME Melbourne Line Dan
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